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They No Longer Sleep Alone

by ...howard

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Chapter One: Burning bridges (and other metaphors) As weeks passed by he wasn't all right - it seems their days are numbered, but anything is on the cards tonight. She is distant like a ship on the horizon, so take a breath and brace yourself for the worst news you will ever receive tonight. He's been waiting for so long for the phone to ring and tell him she is on the other end. He's been waiting so long for the day to come when she will tell him just what's on her mind. For an unknown reason she's been sinking ships and burning bridges (she has become so adept at spinning lies). So he asks himself, "What has happened to the girl I fell in love with when summer sun sat on her skin?" So he thinks, "What's the truth? Will she be honest?" As he's glued to the phone, "Will she be honest?" Is their time nearly up? "Will she be honest?" Is this nearly the end?
Chapter Two: A nauseating collapse The tears catch in his throat as she rips the heart from his sleeve. She made his heart a martyr. His head is splitting as the room keeps spinning and he's sick to his stomach. She made his heart a martyr. She was only really using him because she couldn't be alone. He's lucky that things weren't better or he never would have survived the fall at all. She made his heart a martyr. "Oh no..."
Chapter Three: Set the scene, set the stage Sing these songs I wrote tonight, leave my conscience far behind. I won't be needing it tonight, I will leave it far behind. The stage is set for something so unmentionable and unconscionable. So dim the lights and I will scream my heart out on this stage so every girl in this place will want me more than you did. And I feel dishonest and awful as I am standing on this stage pretending I'm someone that I'm not. And this feels so, so wrong... but it's ok. I will pay for it when I am dead and gone. The words I sing are all so beautiful, so pretty and so charismatic, and oh! So lush with metaphors. And I'm so glad the irony is not lost on me as I am turning into everything I hate. So dim the lights and I will sing soft songs of love, and loss, and summer girls I fell for. I will pick you out of the crowd and tell you that you're beautiful and special and mine. So dim the lights and I will sing.
Chapter Four: These sheets are bandages So after the show we're heading back to that run-down one bedroom apartment in the city of angels. And now his stomach is turning and his throat is burning, but he can't back out now. Not even if he wanted to. And so, for now, the sheets are bandages. And oh, her legs are bonds that tie him up. And oh, his hearts a weight to drag them down and drown them both (for now). The fever hits a boiling point and the room keeps spinning and it's mirroring his mind. And he won't be quite so proud of himself tomorrow morning when he wakes up and discovers that she's turned into a note on his pillow.
Chapter Five: A loss of breath Time stands still as he catches her eye across this dead-end, drop-out party scene, and his lungs are now devoid of air (and he hopes he'll notice her - so he can breath again). This is how he wished that it would be... so unprepared. So careless. So free. And he has this feeling like he has known her all his life... and he has to take this chance, he can't just let it slide. Clumsy words rip out of his mouth and he wonders if he's making a fool of himself... but her eyes light up and she smiles more genuinely than anyone he has ever known. And suddenly! His lungs are breathless and his heart is weightless and his conversation is thoughtless but it doesn't matter. Their heads are pressed tight together and their words and fingers are intertwined and their shoulders wrestle for room. Time is passing. The night is ending. And it's still not enough, so they exchange numbers and make promises to call and then - it ends.
Chapter Six: There are some things you can never be ready for... He checks his watch; time is running out and he's not half as ready as he'd like to be. He sifts through clothes, outfits he knows make him look distinguished and accessible. So breathe, it's all you need. Just breathe. She sees the clock. Nervous. Non-stop. She just wants everything to go as planned. She is a mess as she picks a dress that makes he look (so) beautiful. He checks his watch; time is running out. They'll never be half as ready as they need to be.
Chapter Seven: ... this is one of them. The stars are bright out here. Moonlight shines through the wine. Conversations never come this quick. They'll pretend they'll never be out of time. Time flies like passing birds, wasting away on wings so beautiful. Before she knows he'll be gone, he'll have to leave... because time keeps moving on. Their heads are close out here. His heart floats like the air. She'll kiss his cheek with lips so soft (and the bruise it leaves will never heal). They're close in conversation and his is having a capillary contusion... but at least he knows his heart is still beating. He can feel it (tearing at his throat) burning up his lungs (sugarcoating his sentences) and taking over his body in a spectacular blaze of fire and love.
Chapter Nine: Freezing hands. Terminal kisses. Crossing datelines. It seems that their time is almost up and he will cross the dateline alone. It is freezing as they are leaving... and it is silent in the car. And it is sad but he knows he has to go. They kiss in the terminal and make promises of love. And he makes his way to the departure lounge as she fades out behind him.
Chapter Ten: It's a brain cell massacre! He closes his eyes and he drinks the bottle down (the bitter taste is fitting and it takes the pain away). The bedroom has become a prison cell... and empty bottles and full ashtrays line the floor. And it's sad but it's a brain cell massacre (fingers crossed he'll lose enough to lose some memory). And he is in way too deep over his head (but at least the drink will let him sleep). But something in him tells him to get up off the floor. For dignity's sake, guns blazing, he'll go down. And when they find the wreckage at least they'll know that he was a good man and, guns blazing, he went down.
Chapter Eleven: Final curtains and credits (don't give up the ghost) So every rational bone in his body tells him that he's crazy, but every blood cell that pulses in his veins tells him he's crazy to walk away. Sometimes it's way too easy to give up on hope and walk away (when things are hard). But the heart doesn't give up so easily... no! The heart will not give up the ghost. So every stupid little thing that has kept him here; he will throw them away. He will travel over oceans and equators and he will throw them miles away. And she will meet him in the arrival lounge; she will see him in a crowd. And they will kiss just like movie stars... as the final curtain is pulled.


They no longer sleep alone is a concept album based around the idea of a romance novel that follows a musician on a journey of love and self-discovery. Choosing to escape from the grief caused by a series of failed relationships with a combination of alcohol and drugs, he slips from reality into the depths of an imagined world populated by the distorted figures of his past and present life.

They No Longer Sleep Alone has also been transformed into a full length film - one that is unique in that it has no dialogue. The entire film is driven by the music and lyrics from the album of the same name.

Watch the film here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUEBZfRY76Y
Film by Chasing Time Productions



released June 5, 2007

Lyrics and Vocals: Thomas Botting
Instruments and production: Jeremy Mayall
Except: bari sax - James Sutherland; viola - Adam Maha
BVs: Stephie Christian, Adam Maha, Conor McCabe, Bryan Bevage

Mixed and Mastered by Jeremy Mayall


all rights reserved



Jeremy Mayall Hamilton, New Zealand

Jeremy Mayall is a Composer/Producer/Performer.
Working in a range of musical genres he is interested in writing for odd combinations of sounds, particularly fusing pre-recorded sound with live performance, and has most recently been exploring the world of cross-genre hybridity. ... more

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